Monday, October 03, 2005


I find there to be alot of Kabbalistic symbolism in Freemasonry. I know you will be hard pressed to find any Grand Lodge agreeing with this, and fair enough, the discussion of symbolism is a subjective one and can differ from student to student. But from my point of view, there really can be no denying that the Fellowcraft standing between the two columns in the Second Degree is very symbolic of the three pillars of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.

In both cases, the middle pillar and the Fellowcraft are in a state of balance between the extremes of the columns on the right and left. Both philosophies espouse the virtues of leading a balanced life. The center path of the Tree of Life is a direct route to the Grand Archirect of the Universe. Following that balanced path would seem to fulfill the Masonic promise to make good men better.


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Masonic Traveler said...

Br. Powel,
I agree with you and feel that "mainstream" Masonry as such would rather separate it's self from any sort of esoteric attitudes that many may find. I would dare say that most of the mainstream membership feels the same. But deep within masonry, at it's roots and in it's history, are strong ties to the ancient mysteries and knowledge of the divine.

Great post, I would love to read more on your thoughts.

Br. Greg

arod said...

Awesome post! I'm glad I found your blog...

Neoacacia Lodge # 595
Columbus, OH