Thursday, May 11, 2006

Grand Lodge of New York 2006-2008

At 3:00 AM, on Tuesday morning, May 2nd, I left Syracuse to attend the last day of the 2006 Grand Lodge Convocation in NYC, and in particular, the elections. Our new Grand Master is the M.'.W.'. Neal I. Bidnick; Deputy Grand Master, R.'.W.'. Edward G. Gilbert; Senior Grand Warden, R.'.W.'. Dennis A. Breheny and Junior Grand Warden, R.'.W.'. Stephen S. King. As usual the elections proved to confusing, frustrating and exciting all at once. I think that is is past time to restructure the method of voting. Maybe it is time to go electronic?

The next two years should be very interesting as M.'.W.'. Bidnick has some very good ideas. My interpretation is that he hopes to bring the Craft back to many of its basics while ushering it into the 21st Century.

As the newly appointed District Deputy Grand Master of the Onondaga District, I hope to echo the Grand Master’s philosophy of getting back to the basics of Masonry while utilizing modern technology to get our message out. I urge all the Onondaga District Lodges to take more time in selecting your candidates and getting them through the Degrees. This is not a race. Masonry is supposed to “take good men & make them better” and that takes time.

And the time is now...

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arod said...

Congratulations on your appointment!