Monday, October 23, 2006

Got Ink?

In one of my earliest posts on this blog, I had mentioned that I had originally designed the Ars Masonica logo to be a tattoo. When I recently decided that it was time to get that tat, I was told by several artists that it was too detailed for the size & place that I wanted it to go (upper left arm). Rather than "dumbing down" the image, I decide to come up with something else. As you can see, it is much simpler design but I think that it turned out rather well. It was done at Scarab Body Arts in the Armory Square area of Syracuse by Jeremiah Clifford. If you live in the area, check them out. If you would like to see other Masonic tattoos, check out the site Masonic Ink.

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Tom Accuosti said...

Totally cool.

I did a note on the site a while back, and ever since then I've been tempted...

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