Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Esoterika Lodge

There is an interesting article on a new Symbolic Lodge in Seattle in the current issue of the Scottish Rite Journal entitled "Esoterika Lodge: A Unique Experiment in Freemasonry".

The Lodge was formed by the organizers of Knights of St. Andrew Chapters in the Seattle area. During those organizaional meetings the Brothers discussed the things they felt were lacking in their own Lodges and decided to form one along the lines of the Tradional Observance Lodges of European design. Although I love my own Lodge, I have always felt that there should be something more to it than just the good fellowship, mediocre degrees and business meetings. I have always yearned for something a little more dignified and esoteric. If I lived in Washington State, I would be going out of my way to belong to this Lodge. What's different?

Well, here are a few points from the article that demonstrate the uniqueness:

  • Esoterika Lodge has only four stated meetings per year.
  • Members dress in “uniform” at meetings (black suit, black shirt, and black tie).
  • The fees and dues are set intentionally high, with the annual dues at $100 and Endowed Life Membership at $1000.
  • Members are required to attend all meetings, unless excused by the Worshipful Master, and then only with just cause.
  • Members receive a copy of Albert Pike’s Esoterika: The Symbolism of the Blue Degrees of Freemasonry and are expected to read it in its entirety.
  • Members are expected to become involved with the rites and concordant bodies of Freemasonry and to maintain participation.
  • Esoterika Lodge only accepts candidates for the degrees of Masonry once a year.
  • Every member of Esoterika Lodge is expected to have a candidate to mentor through the degrees of Masonry throughout the year, every year.

Everything mentioned here is what I would like to see in a Lodge - not many out there though that would be willing to change. Hey, I was one of the organizers of the Knights of St. Andrew Chapter for the Valley of Syracuse, maybe it will be up to me to create interest in our own version of Esoterika Lodge No. 316 before I finish my term as District Deputy. It may give me something to look forward to.

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esotronika said...

Once I am raised (am FC) I definitely would be extremely interested in how I can participate in this, but am outside of your district (does that matter?--I'm in Chateaugay, Frontier Lodge # 517, about 3.5 hours away from you). Pls do not post comment, but you may respond at Bro. Jn Miles