Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's a Mad World

The tragedy of the shootings at Virginia Tech yesterday took over the news that was previously obsessed with Imus and Anna Nicole Smith.

My mind is just spinning. What is going on in this world? What would possess someone to take a gun and begin shooting people? How can someone think that a racist comment would be funny? Why is the paternity of some innocent child suddenly our business?

It really seems like the world has completely come unbalanced (the weather would seem to support that idea as well - I am really sick of snow right now). Everything is done to the extreme while moving at break neck speeds. I think that it would do us all a great service to slow down and consider our choices in life and their impact upon those around us. It seems to be the new American Way to take drastic means to an end while laying the resposibility of the consequences on other folks.

That needs to change. Let's start within our Masonic Lodges - it's what were are supposedly there to do right? Find balance - maybe while standing between two columns (a little Fellowcraft Degree symbolism for those of you not following along). Leadership and responsibility skills can be grown & developed within our Lodges. But we need to take it outside its walls.

It's a mad world out there. I challenge all Masons around the world to step up and begin bringing some balance to their communities. It has to start somewhere...

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Gingerman said...

Bro. Powell,
We're working on a Masonic Peace Institute, to try to create a context where this sort of thing is truly unacceptable. Where we don't just say, "that's the way the world is," or "isn't that terrible," and then go on with things as normal. Check out
http://mpi.kofu33.org/ to see about our haulting beginings. We need all the help we can get. Thanks for your message.
Steve Brettell
The Masonic Peace Institute
Birmingham #188