Friday, July 25, 2008

Master Craftsman Program

The Scottish Rite's Southern Jurisdiction continues to be a Leader when it comes to Masonic Education (ME). There are some good ME programs out there and there are some bad ME programs out there (that's right, it's all about ME), but they have developed a high quality product with their Master Craftsman Program.

Here's what you need to know:
  • The Master Craftsman Program is an exciting new by-mail correspondence course designed and administered by staff at the House of the Temple in Washington, DC under the guidance and leadership of the Supreme Council, 33° of the A. and A. Scottish Rite – Southern Jurisdiction.
  • Consisting of 6 lessons, it utilizes The Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor and Guide by Arturo de Hoyos.
  • The course fee of $35.00 includes all 6 lessons and materials, the Ritual Monitor and Guide, and a personalized certificate and lapel pin upon completion of the program.
  • Your first shipment will include a welcome letter, the first quiz and return envelope, and a handsome folder in which to keep your work organized.
  • Also included is Arturo de Hoyos` incomparable resource: The Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor and Guide.

  • The Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor and Guide is a massive tome that cost $65 on its own -- this program is the best deal you will ever receive on an ME program and/or a book of its quality. If you are serious about seeking more Light, sign up today.

    I just received my package and I am ready to dive in!

    Scottish Rite Journal Plug

    I was quite surprised and very pleased when I received a call from my Scottish Rite Valley's Secretary to tell that I was mentioned in the July-August 2008 Scottish Rite Journal.

    Ars Masonica, along with several other Masonic Blogs were discussed in the Brother James T. Tresner II article "Book Review: The Wind Between The Atoms."

    The Scottish Rite Journal is the Southern Jurisdiction's official magazine and is always packed with great articles. I may get a lot of flak for this (I am a member in the Northern Jurisdiction) but I believe it to be the best Scottish Rite and quite possibly, the best Masonic publication in the United States. The entire content of the current issue as well as past issues can be found at the link above.

    I am honored by the mention in it as well as being associated with the other Brothers and their work in the review. Thank You!!!

    Wednesday, July 02, 2008

    Processus Contra Templarios Makes Appearance

    The Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library's copy of the Processus Contra Templarios recently made its first public appearance outside of the Library's main location in New York City.

    The Library maintains a satellite branch at the Masonic Care Community in Utica, NY. There you can find "numerous artifacts relating to the history of Freemasonry with particular emphasis on Masonry in upstate New York." The Processus was on display during the recent St. John's Day activities held there in June.

    "Presented to the world in October 2007, the 700th anniversary of the arrest of the Templars, Processus Contra Templarios is a joint project of the Vatican Secret Archives and Italy's Scrinium cultural foundation. This unique work is being published in a limited run of 800 copies, under the supervision of Archive officials, and includes faithful replicas of the original parchments closely guarded at the Secret Archive, along with exclusive critical commentary on the minutes of the inquiry."

    The document drew a steady crowd into the building's Templar Room, prompting discussion among the Trustees about the possibility of a future "tour". If this happens, the dates and places will be announced here & on the Library's site. As always, I will keep you informed.

    Tuesday, July 01, 2008

    Trinity Chapter, Order of DeMolay

    On Saturday, June 7th, the first members of the new Trinity Chapter, Order of DeMolay were initiated at the Liverpool, NY Masonic Temple.

    We had a fine selection of New York State DeMolay Officers on hand to initiate six young men into the International Fraternity for young men ages 12-21. We also welcomed two other DeMolays who had been initiated last summer at Camp Turk, the Grand Lodge of New York's Masonic Youth Camp. That brought our fledgling Chapter to eight members with a few others "on deck" to join.

    Of those eight, five are attending their first State Convention in August along with 3 Advisors. This, we hope, marks the beginning of a successful return of DeMolay to Central New York.

    Wish us luck!!!

    The Masonic Society

    I haven't been getting around to doing a lot of posting lately but I have really wanted to plug The Masonic Society, a new Masonic research organization that unveiled itself back in May. Its Founding Fellows include many of today's best known Masonic authors, bloggers and web-masters such as Chris Hodapp, Paul Bessel, Stephen DaFoe, S. Brent Morris and Mark Tabbert, just to name a few.

    From their site:
    Our name, The Masonic Society, intentionally alludes to the Royal Society, the innovative organization of visionary men who were at the forefront of the Age of Enlightenment, many of whom were present at the formation of what became modern Freemasonry. Likewise, our new Society will be at the forefront of a new age of Freemasonry, and we intend to be a vibrant, active community within the fraternity.

    The goal of The Masonic Society is not just to look backward at the history of Freemasonry, but to foster the intellectual, spiritual and social growth of the modern Masonic fraternity.

    To that end, The Masonic Society extends the hand of assistance and cooperation to individual Masonic research lodges in North America. It is the desire of The Masonic Society to be a partner with these lodges, to give their members the regular opportunity to publish their papers for an international audience, and to publicize their activities.

    Membership in the Society is open to regular Master Masons in good standing of regular, recognized grand lodges in good standing with the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America (CGMMNA), or a grand lodge in amity with a member grand lodge of CGMMNA. Non-Masons, libraries, lodges, and members of other obediences may also subscribe to the Journal at the $39 annual rate.

    I have plunked down my $39 and have been finding it to be a worthwhile investment - check it out!