Friday, November 07, 2008

At Odds With the Grand Lodge of DC

If you read Bro. Chris Hodapp's "Freemasons for Dummies" Blog, then you have seen his November 6th, 2008 posting "GL of NY Suspend Amity with GL of District of Columbia"

The posting seems to accurately relay the facts as I have received them in a Decree from our Grand Master, the M.'.W.'. Edward G. Gilbert, so I will not repeat them here.

This is an unfortunate event that I hope can be overcome in due time. I have read a few of the comments to Bro. Hodapp's post where a few could not see a problem with the actions of the Grand Lodge of District of Columbia whereby they chartered a new Lodge in what they perceive to be free territory - that being Syria- Lebanon. That may be so...

But while I am not privy to the Diplomatic processes of Grand Lodges in matters such as this, I do know that there are Lodges there that are chartered by the Grand Lodge of Scotland as well as those under the District Grand Lodge of Syria-Lebanon as chartered by the Grand Lodge of New York. (See this site for a short history.) Those Lodges (and Grand Lodges) seem to get along just fine under some sort of arrangement.

Communication between the Grand Lodges is pertinate to its resolution - as I said before, I hope that this situation can be rectified in a timely matter and that Recognition can be restored.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Please VOTE

As Freemasons, we avoid the topics of religion and politics in our Lodge Rooms, thereby assuring peace and harmony therein. I will not breach either of those topics in this post but will remind all American Brethren (and any other Americans reading) that we have not only the Right but the Responsibility to VOTE in tomorrow's elections.

I am not going to ask or tell you who to vote for. I do urge all to get out & VOTE. Change is a word that has been used by both presidential candidates at some point or another. YOU can be an agent of change by VOTING.

Change will come with whoever wins - you can help decide what direction those changes will head by voting for the candidate of your choice. It's up to YOU...