Monday, November 02, 2009

My Dad

Every year has its highs & lows and this year has been no different. I experienced my lowest point on Thursday October 22nd when my Father, Edgar Powell, Jr. passed on after what seems like a long battle against bad lungs, heart & stomach problems.

My Dad was not a Mason. He was many things but I couldn't convince him to become my Brother. He was married for 53 years to my Mom, Betty (in photo) who looked after him religiously - no one could have ever asked for a more devoted wife. He was well loved in my home town of Brushton, NY (try to find it on a map of northern NY State) and he was active with the American Legion, Moira Volunteer Fire Department and almost any youth sporting organization that was to be found in our town. He liked to have fun, but his last few years didn't allow him to get out like he used to - he will be missed by everyone who knew him.

His "send off" was a tribute to him -- my wife described it in emails to family & friends:

We have just arrived home a few hours ago after what has been a very sad week.We did not have the luxury of cell phone or computer access up north, only in the hospital library and my only quick email on that morning was to my boss. Rick's parents live in a region that is not serviced by most modern day communication things.

Edgar passed away Thursday October 22nd at 5:10am. We were there and it was very peaceful, he died in his sleep. He was waked on Friday, and I can honestly tell you hundreds of people came for the two calling hours, one in the afternoon and the other in the evening.

Saturday was the funeral and the Fire Department led the procession to the church and then to the grave site with Edgar's uniform on the back and a black flag flying. Then there was the Rescue (Ambulance) Department who closed off all the roads for the procession to pass and saluted him and they were all decked out in their uniforms. Then there was the American Legion for Military Veterans who gave a twenty one gun salute and presented each grandchild with a spent shell and then presented Betty with a the flag that had draped the casket and the rest of the spent shells expertly wrapped in it and placed it in a display case which is now sitting on our mantel. This makes Rick happy.

Many, many people, both young and old thought the world of Edgar. He was very involved in the community as you can tell from my account. He will be dearly missed.

We have all been very upset about the loss of Edgar and we will all miss him very much. Conor took it the worse when the last call came from the Fire Department while at the grave site. The fire engine radio calls out Edgar's name and calls him for the last call and all the Fire Men were standing to attention. It was heart breaking. Such is the passing of a very good man in a small town and how he is honored.

Dad - you will be missed but never forgotten. Edgar Powell, Jr., 1932-2009