Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What have I been up to?

Ok, I know what you're thinking: "where the hell have you been?" And you are right, I have been very lax in my posting s here of late but I have been busy with Masonic activities.

Earlier this month, I attended the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of New York. Congratulations to the new Grand Line headed by our new Grand Master M.'.W.'. Vincent Libone.

The following weekend was the Installation of Officers for Trinity Chapter, Order of DeMolay. My, son Conor was the outgoing Master Councilor and the incoming Scribe. Always the proud father, I am extremely happy to report that Conor was presented the Representative DeMolay award that evening - the first for Trinity! On top of that, he also was awarded the Past Master Councilor-Meritorious Service Award which is given for excellence in term planning & execution (also a first for Trinity and, I have heard, possibly the only active DeMolay in NYS to have it). His Chapter Brothers have been inspired with most of them asking for the Representative DeMolay paperwork and the Senior Councilor asking what he needs to do to get the PMC-MSA when he is the Master Councilor. I am very, very proud! (in the photo, left to right: Dad Keith Rung, Finger Lakes Division Councilor; Conor Powell, PMC-MSA; Andrew Roberts, NY State Master Councilor; Katie Heller, NY State Sweetheart)

I have also been doing Scottish Rite & Royal Arch Degrees as well as making long overdue appearances at Commandery and Council Meetings. I have started Facebook Pages for the Valley of Syracuse, AASR; the NY Council of Deliberation, AASR; and Trinity Chapter. So you see, I have been busy.

I hope to begin regular posts gain very soon - keep your eyes open...

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