Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Catching Up

The summer is over, fall has begun and they are already saying we may see a few flakes of snow before the week is out. I wasn't very good at posting any thing over the summer months and I seem to very, very busy Masonically and with my family so postings may be infrequent this fall as well.

I am very proud to report that my son, Conor, was elected the State Junior Councilor for New York DeMolay in August. His life can as busy or busier than my own but I know that he does love DeMolay & has a great time with his Brothers. It's soccer season now & he has begun his second season on the Varsity team (he's only a Sophomore) so that takes up the bulk of his time until early November. In the photo , l-r, Conor Powell, State Junior Councilor, Mike Celetano, State Senior Councilor and Mike Hernandez, State Master Councilor.

My life continues to get busier...