Thursday, October 07, 2010

New York 33º Class of 2011

In early September, Ill.'. Peter Samiec, 33º, Deputy for the State of New York, AASR made the following announcement in his "News & Views" newsletter:


These Brothers from the Empire State were elected to receive the 33º next year.

One of the highlights of any State Dinner at the conclusion of the Supreme Council Annual session is the announcement of those who have been elected to be coroneted a Sovereign Grand Inspector General, 33º Honorary Member of Our Supreme Council.

That honor was bestowed upon these worthy Brethren and they will be a part of the Class of 2011 in Chicago, IL.

Valley of Utica
Daniel L. Clark

Valley of Rochester
M. Donald Darrohn III
Peter J. Van Elzakker

Valley of Schenectady
Ronald C. Edmonson

Valley of New York City
Yves Etienne
Piers A. Vaughan

Valley of Buffalo
Glenn F. Gaskill
Jeffrey M. Williamson

Valley of Rockville Centre
Robert M. Getschel

Valley of Binghamton
Donald R. Magill

Valley of Jamestown
William M. Winchester


Valley of Syracuse
Richard J. Powell
Robert M. Tyrrell

On behalf of all the Active and Honorary Members of the New York State Council of Deliberation, congratulations on your well deserved recognition.

Well done, good and faithful Brethren!!