Sunday, March 07, 2010

24 Hours of Brotherhood

or rather, 24 Hours of No Sleep...

I spent my last weekend in February with the New York State DeMolays when Trinity Chapter (of which I am an Advisor and my son is the Master Councilor) hosted their "24 Hours of Brotherhood" in Liverpool, NY.

It was very well attended with over 70 DeMolays and Advisors from all over New York State. There were video game,competitions, poker games and a pool tournament. We went to a Syracuse Crunch hockey game and rushed back to catch the second half of the Syracuse University-Villanova basketball game. Everyone camped out in the Lodge building but, as I said, there was very little sleep to be had.

The highlight of the weekend for me was a Medieval Swordsmanship demonstration by Todd Sullivan from the Lake Ontario Fechtschule. The presentation was well received and I highly recommend you check out Todd's site if you have even a passing interest in the Knightly Art of the Sword.

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Quarryman said...

It is great to see that DeMolay remains alive and well in the State of NY! Thanks for sharing about this great event!

(From a PMC, RD, Chev.)