Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Busy Masonic Weekend in Syracuse

I had a very busy Masonic weekend a few weeks ago. The New York Council of Deliberation, the Scottish Rite's equivalent to a Grand Lodge session, was held here in the Syracuse area. It was a great session with Brothers from Scottish Rite Valleys from all over New York State. Representatives were here from other concordant bodies as well as most of the Grand Line from the Grand Lodge of New York. Most were in great form but as with most things, a few complainers reared their ugly heads here and there. This is very disappointing for me as I feel these individuals have totally missed the boat as to the lessons of Freemasonry. Common courtesy is due, not only to fellow Brethren, to all members of the human race. We would all do well to remember this.

After spending Saturday (7/22) helping with C.O.D. festivities with the Knights of St. Andrew, I moved onto Sunday's activities with the GLoNY's Scholarship Presentations. It was great to see all the students (our future) show up to receive their scholarship awards from Grand Lodge. In the evening following the Scholarship Presentations, the Grand Master, the M.'.W.'. Neal I. Bidnick, the Grand Line & their wives met with our District Staff and the Worshipful Masters of our District Lodges & our wives. It is a very grass roots method of getting his message out and the addition of the wives was a very nice touch. Change is a must for Freemasonry to continue into the 21st Century and the change needs to begin at the Lodge level. Grand Master Bidnick is taking his message there. Pictured is the Grand Line and the Onondaga District Masters and Staff.


Tubulcain420 said...

Know you not yet, weak and superb man,
That the humble insect hidden beneath a leaf
And the imperious eagle who flies to heaven's dome,
Amount to nothing in the eyes of the Eternal.
All men are equal: not birth but virtue
Distinguishes them apart."

Mary and the Widow's Son said...

The Burning Taper blog has called upon F. Ray Jackson, Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Georgia, to immediately issue an edict recognizing our African-American Prince Hall Masonic brothers, or to publicly explain why he will not.

The Grand Lodge of Delware has recently become the last state outside the Old South to recognize Prince Hall Masons.

It is well past time for the rest of the grand lodges of Freemasonry to stop the racism and bigotry, and to recognize black Masons as true Masons.

Widow's Son

Br. Richard Powell said...

"It is well past time for the rest of the grand lodges of Freemasonry to stop the racism and bigotry, and to recognize black Masons as true Masons."

Well said and I wholeheartedly agree. Georgian Freemasonry does seem to attract alot of controversy. Thanks for the post.