Monday, March 30, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

On Sunday, March 22nd, I participated in a St. Baldrick's Foundation Event locally with my son and one of his DeMolay Brothers.

The photo to the left shows the before & after shots for your viewing amusement.

I am happy to report that our event has raised $212,508.25 to help conquer childhood cancer! This number is rising and based on calculations it should come in around $272,000 before we are through.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

St. Baldrick's Foundation

This Sunday, March 22nd, I will be participating in our local St. Baldrick's Foundation event at Kitty Hoynes in Syracuse.

I will be representing our Trinity Chapter, Order of DeMolay and will be joined by our Junior Councilor and my son, Brother Conor as well as Brother Tom Perry. We will have our heads shaved as we raise money to find a cure for kid's cancer.

Please consider sponsoring us by clicking here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

I'd like to raise a pint to all of the Irish out there today! Of course, everyone considers himself Irish on St. Patrick's Day. I, myself, officially became a citizen of Ireland fairly recently so I, will raise a pint of Guinness a wee bit later today.

Before you head out for the festivities, why don't you check out the website for the Grand Lodge of Ireland. Ireland boasts the second oldest Grand Lodge is the world and I highly recommend a visit to the country as well as their website. You'll have a fantastic time and meet some great Brethren while there.

I will also take some time to plug the Knight Masons. The Grand Council of Knight Masons has its seat in Dublin, Ireland but we have our own Grand Council here in the States as well.

The Grand Council of Knight Masons of the United States of America, in consideration of its origin strives to:

1. Perpetuate the ancient rituals of the Irish Masonic Canon, (the "Green" degrees) by promoting their frequent and regular conferral inits constituent councils, and by its expectation that such conferral will be executed with an accuracy, a precision, and a dramatic power congruent with the highest traditions of the Masonic institution.

2. Elevate to membership in its constituent councils only those Freemasons who in their character and persons have amply and thoroughly demonstrated in their Masonic lives, by means of a faithful attachment to the institution, a true and honorable record of service to its goals, and a genuine dedication to its high ideals.

3. Foster in its constituent councils the regular exploration and studyof the Masonic Tradition and Heritage by means of an aggressive program of scholarly inquiry and research, and to pursue that Masonic learning in the spirit of our Celtic forbears who kept the light of faith burning in times of darkness.

4. Encourage its constituent councils to discover in the pleasures and diversions of the festive board that warm fellowship and that joyous fraternity, which have ever characterized and actuated the great spirit of this Ancient Craft.

5. Promote the charitable dimension so central to, and inherent in, Masonic life and tradition by obliging its constituent councils to contribute with customary Masonic liberality to those institutions, both Masonic and non-Masonic, which serve the needs of the greater community.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New York DeMolay

This month, DeMolay International turns 90 years old! That's right, it was 90 years ago that Brother Frank S. Land created the DeMolay Fraternity as a result of wanting to help out the son of a late Lodge member.

Since then, the organization has grown dramatically with more than 1000 Chapters worldwide. Along with several Brothers, I helped start Trinity Chapter here in the Syracuse area only a year ago. The Chapter is really starting to grow and the lads are having a great time.

In celebration of this birthday, New York DeMolay is sponsoring a gathering at the Grand Lodge building on Saturday, March 28th. From the State Master Councilor, Brian Bidnick:

"On March 28th, the members and advisors of New York DeMolay and many other jurisdictions will come together in New York City for a celebration in honor of this historic event. The event will be held in Masonic Hall, New York City, the location of where the original chapter in New York State met and one of the premier Masonic Buildings in the world. The plan is to have all the things that makes DeMolay great - good food, good fellowship, and good fun combined with the initiation of new Brothers from our jurisdiction and others."

The tentative schedule for the event is:

3:30 PM to 5:30 PM New York State DeMolay Chapter opens – Grand Lodge Room

Initiatory and DeMolay Degree Portrayals (open to Master Masons and Advisors)

Historical Presentation (open to the public – 5:00 PM)

5:30 PM to 7:30 PM Dinner - 2nd Floor ($15.00 per adult, Youth below 18 - $10.00)

7:30 PM to 8:30 PM Magic Show presentation – Grand Lodge Room (see Flyer attached)

8:30 PM to Midnight Dance – 2nd Floor (everyone welcomed as our guests)

"We would like you to join us. Mark the date and come out as the entire state throws the party of the century, and invite all of your friends and family to come along. All active and senior DeMolays, candidates for membership, advisors, sweethearts, Masonic members, OES and all those that are interested in the youth of our country are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Degrees will be performed by New York DeMolay that afternoon, and several jurisdictions are bringing many prospective members to share in the fun!

I, along with several members of Trinity Chapter will be there. For more information, visit the New York DeMolay website."

New York Freemasonry

So what's up with Masonry in the State of New York? Wellllll...

Most of you know that the Grand Lodge of New York has restored its recognition of the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia.
Details can be found on Brother Hodapp's "Freemasons for Dummies" Blog and Brother Hochberg's "Magpie Mason" Blog. I am very pleased to see that this is getting cleared up and applaud both Grand Masters for their dedication.

Speaking of our Grand Master, M.'.W.'. Edward G. Gilbert -- he is currently resting at home following bypass surgery. I would like to wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing him around New York State Lodges again very soon. Watch the GLoNY's website for further updates.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

French Scottish Rite Rose Croix Pendant

Here's another recently added piece from the Chancellor Robert R. Livingston Masonic Library's Artifact Collection.

It is a pendant dating from the mid 1800s that was worn on a Master's collar in France.

More information on this item can be found here.