Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coroneted a 33° Mason

At the end of August, as Hurricane Irene was laying siege to the East Coast, I, along with my wife Marian and a handful of Brothers & their wives from the Valley of Syracuse took the last train heading west towards Chicago, IL.

The purpose of the trip was to attend the Supreme Council session of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. It was my trip to the Annual Session and it was extra special because it was there, on Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 that I was Coroneted a 33° Mason along with over 160 other Brothers from the NMJ.

In the photo are half of the Brothers from New York who were in the class with me. They are (front l-r) Piers A. Vaughn (Valley of New York) and Donald R. Magill (Valley of Binghamton); (back l-r) Ronald C. Edmonson (Valley of Schenectady); myself; Robert M. Tyrrell (Valley of Syracuse) and Yves Etienne (Valley of New York). Also from New York, but not in this photo, were Daniel L. Clark (Valley of Utica), M. Donald Darrohn III (Valley of Rochester), Peter J. Van Elzakker (Valley of Rochester), Glenn F. Gaskill (Valley of Buffalo), Jeffrey M. Williamson (Valley of Buffalo) and William M. Winchester (Valley of Jamestown). Brother Robert M. Getschel from the Valley of Rockville Centre didn't escape the hurricane in time and could make it. He will be included in next year's class. Congratulations everyone! It was a great time and one of the most memorable days of my life.

Brother Chris Hodapp of Freemasons for Dummies fame was also a member of our class and he has a nice write up here and a nice piece on the 33° ring. Check'em out! It was great to see him out & about again.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brother Nelson King (1945-2011)

It is with much sadness, that we learn of the passing of Brother Nelson King. Bro. King is probably best known as the editor of the Philalethes magazine from 1994 though 2009. His devotion to Freemasonry had no bounds. He will be very much missed.

My condolences go out to his family.

Bro. Nelson's resume says it all (from his website):


Born June 13, 1945 in Montreal, received his primary education in Perth Ontario, and graduated from Banting Institute, University of Toronto, 1967. Married to Ellen, and has two children, Christopher, and Victoria and two granddaughters. Nelson was appointed Assistant Editor in 1992 and Editor in August 1994] of The Philalethes Society Journal of Masonic Research and Letters, the first non-United States Citizen to hold these positions.

He is also only the second Mason to ever hold the position of President and Editor of The Philalethes at the same time. He retired as Editor in June 2009. Nelson is a well-known Masonic speaker, having spoken in the jurisdictions of Alberta, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Costa Rica, Cuba, The District of Columbia, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Jamacia [EC], Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Nova Scotia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Quebec, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

Nelson developed the highly successful Internet Masonic Leadership Course. His book "Confessions of a Born Again Fundamentalist Freemason" has become a Masonic Best Seller. VoicePrint®, The National Broadcast Reading Service Inc. an international broadcasting reading service for the visually impaired has recorded some of his historical articles. Nelson was instrumental if the formation of the Masonic Relief for Cuba Committee. And he serves as the Executive Director of that program. He is also one of the few Canadian Freemasons, listed in latest Edition of the "Who is Who of Freemasonry.


Gran Logia de Costa Rica [Honorary Member]
Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Connecticut [Honorary Member]
Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ontario and Jurisdictions [Honorary Member]
Birch Cliff Lodge No. 612 GRC Scarborough. Served as Master in 1990. [Demitted]
True Briton's Lodge No. 14 GRC. Perth Ontario
Orient Lodge No. 339 GRC [Honorary Life]
Scarborough Chapter R.A.M.
Toronto Valley, Lodges of Perfection and Rose Croix A.A.S.R. [Life]
Moore Sovereign Consistory A.A.S.R. Hamilton [Life]
York Council No. 133 Allied Masonic Degrees of the United States of America [Sovereign Master 1996]

Member of the Following Research Lodges or Societies

Allen E. Roberts Chapter The Philalethes, Boston, Massachusetts [Charter Member]
Cercle de Grasse Tilly, The Philalethes, Paris France [Hon. Life]
Civil War Lodge of Research No. 1865, [Charter Member] Grand Lodge of Virginia
Cornerstone Computer Chapter, The Philalethes on CompuServe [President 1993-1995]
Dr. Charles H. Wesley Masonic Research Society, Dayton Ohio
Fiat Lux Lodge of Research No. 1980 Grand Lodge of Alberta
Frontier Army Lodge of Masonic Research, Grand Lodge of North Dakota
Kansas Lodge of Research, Grand Lodge of Kansas
Heritage Lodge No. 730 GRC. [Life]
Illinois Lodge of Research, Grand Lodge of Illinois
Iowa Research Lodge No. 2. Grand Lodge of Iowa [Hon. Life]
Jean Scot Erigène Lodge of Research, Grande Loge de France [Hon Life]
John Ross Robertson Chapter, The Philalethes, Toronto Ontario [Life]
Leicester Lodge of Research No. 2429, United Grand Lodge of England
Louisiana Lodge of Research, Grand Lodge of Louisiana
Manchester Lodge of Research, United Grand Lodge of England
Missouri Lodge of Research, Grand Lodge of Missouri
Northern California Lodge of Research, Grand Lodge of California
Ohio Lodge of Research, Grand Lodge of Ohio
Habonim Chapter The Philalethes, San Francisco, California [Charter Member]
Oklahoma Lodge of Research, Grand Lodge of Oklahoma
Phoenixmasonry Masonic Museum and Library
Quatuor Coronati Lodge No. 2076, United Grand Lodge of England [Correspondence Circle]
South Carolina Masonic Research Society, Grand Lodge of South Carolina
Southern California Research Lodge, Grand Lodge of California
The Philalethes Society [Life] [Fellow]
The Phylaxis Society [The Prince Hall Freemasons Research Society] [Life] [Fellow]
Prometheus Chapter The Philalethes, Thessaloniki, Greece [Honorary Member]
Victoria Lodge of Education and Research, Grand Lodge of British Columbia
Virginia Research Lodge No. 1777, Grand Lodge of Virginia [Fellow]

Masonic Honors & Awards

September 1992 Elected member of The Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget-Me-Not, an international Masonic Educators and Writers Society
October 1993 Elected a Fellow of The Philalethes Society
February 1994 Recipient of The Philalethes Society Distinguished Service Medal
February 1995 Recipient of the 1994 Certificate of Literature, Washington DC
February 1996 Elected to Board of Directors Masonic Leadership Center at The George Washington Masonic National Memorial. Alexandria, Virginia
April 1997 Appointed to the Board of Directors of The Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget-Me-Not - Served 11 ½ years as Executive Secretary
March 1998 Elected a Fellow of The Phylaxis Society
March 1999 Jerry Marsengill Lecturer, The Iowa Lodge of Research No. 2, Grand Lodge of Iowa
November 1999 The William James Dunlop Award, The Heritage Lodge No. 730, Grand Lodge of Canada, in the Province of Ontario
February 2000 Installed as President The Philalethes Society
March 2000 The Prince Hall Civil Rights Activist Award
March 2000 27th Phylaxis Society Anniversary Award presented to Nelson King and The Philalethes Society.
April 2000 Grand Master's Leadership Award 1999 - 2000, Grand Lodge of North Carolina
June 2000 Proclaimed a Fellow of Virginia Research Lodge No. 1777 Grand Lodge of Virginia
September 2000 Elected an Honorary Member Gran Logia de Costa Rica
February 2001 Proclaimed a Member of The Society of Blue Friars
March 2001 Proclaimed a Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Temple of Solomon, Grand Lodge of North Carolina.
April 2002 The Duane E. Anderson Excellence in Masonic Education Award - Gold Medal, The Grand Lodge of Minnesota
May 2004 The 7th Annual Sam Houston Lecturer, Holland Lodge No. 1, Grand Lodge of Texas
October 2004 Humanitarian Award, The Gran Logia de Costa Rica, and Government of Costa Rica
March 2005 Inducted into Phylaxis Society Harry A. Williamson Hall of Fame. [Prince Hall]
October 2005 Elected Honorary Member Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Connecticut
October 2006 Elected Past Grand Master [Hon] Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Connecticut
September 2007 Scottish Rite of Cuba, Santiago de Cuba, dedicated the 30th Degree Class to Nelson King
March 2008 Election as an Honorary Member Logia Humanidad Stantigo De Cuba approved by Gran Logia de Cuba.
March 2008 Made a Member of The Past Grands Masters' Association of The Grand Lodge of Kansas
August 2008 Elected Honorary Member Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Ontario and Jurisdictions
March 2009 Elected Honorary Member of the Gran Logia de Cuba

Busy Summer

It has been one busy summer...

The July 9th Fund Raiser Dinner Dance for the Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library, held in Amhesrt, NY was very succe

ssful! We had 138 in attendance, the food & fellowship was great and honoree M.'.W.'. Edward R. Trosin seemed quite pleased with the painting presented to him by the Library Trustees.

I was suffering from the sinus effects of a cold earlier in the week, which left me wondering if I would have a voice to MC the night's events. I survived but my voice was a wreck for the next 2 weeks.

Next up was the New York Scottish Rite's Council of Deliberation. It was held in Liverpool, NY and so driving was short.
Members of Trinity Chapter, Order of DeMolay presented the Flower Talk to the ladies
attending. There was not a dry eye following an excellent presentation by Brothers Brian Kershaw, Kyle Kennedy, Richard Torrey and
Conor Powell.

The Valley of Syracuse's Secretary, Ill.'. James D. Swan, Jr. 33° was elected Secretary for the CoD. Congratulations Jim!

The following weekend was just as busy with DeMolay's New York State Convention. Everyone had a great time with dances on both Friday & Saturday evenings, sports and lots of socializing. Trinity Chapter received the "Excellence in Leadership Preparation Award" and Brothers Conor Powell & Thomas Perry received awards recognizing their hard work in organizing the State
Degree Day held in the Spring. Master Councilor Joseph Cruz was awarded "Knight of the Year" from Excelsior Priory, Order of Knighthood.

Brother Thomas Perry followed Conor Powell as
the newly elected & installed State Junior Councilor. Conor, in the mean time, after deciding
not to run for higher office, was convinced to accept an appointed position & is now the State Deacon. Trinity Chapter is very proud of both of these young men & wish them much success in the ensuing year.

In addition to all that, I have updated & moved the Valley of Syracuse's website - visit it's new home at I am also serving on the planning committee for the Valley's 150th Anniversary which will be held on the weekend of April 27-29, 2012. Watch for more details.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Livingston Library Fundraiser - July 9th

The Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library Dinner and Dance Honoring M.W. Edward R. Trosin, Past Grand Master of Masons will be held on Saturday, July 9th, 2011 at Classics V, 2425 Niagara Falls Blvd., Amherst, NY 14228.

For the first time, the Library’s primary fundraiser will be held outside of the Metro-New York area. Please join us in honoring Past Grand Master M.W. Edward R. Trosin, for his years of dedication and leadership to Freemasonry.

Cost for the Dinner will be $40.00. Meal choices include Prime Rib, Poached Salmon, Chicken Francaise or Vegetable Lasagna. Cut-off date for dinner reservations is July 1st.

For those who wish to stay close to the dinner-venue, we have a block of rooms set aside at the Holiday Inn Buffalo-Amherst, 1881 Niagara Falls Blvd., Amherst, NY 14228. We have rooms set aside for Friday, July 8th and Saturday, July 9th. Cost is: $119.00 (plus taxes) per night if staying both Friday & Saturday; $129.00 (plus taxes) if staying only Saturday. Check-in is 2:00 PM or later, and checkout is by Noon. For reservations, please call the Holiday Inn at 716-691-8181. Please note that cut-off date for room reservations is June 24th.

If you cannot attend the dinner, we invite you to consider taking out an ad in the dinner-journal to show your support for M.W. Edward R. Trosin. Pricing for journal ads are: Gold Page is $250.00; Silver Page is $200.00; Full White Page is $100.00; Half White Page is $65.00 and a Quarter White Page is $30.00.

A Dinner Reservation/Journal Ad form can be emailed as a PDF to you upon request. Please send an email to

Please consider supporting YOUR Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library!

Monday, April 04, 2011

MacNulty Livingston Library Lecture Postponed

Due to unforeseen heart surgery, Brother W. Kirk MacNulty is postponing his lecture scheduled for April 15 at Masonic Hall. The dinner lecture will be re-scheduled for a date to be determined, once Brother MacNulty is fully recuperated. He is doing fine, and in good spirits, but after discussion it is felt that his time is best served resting and regaining full strength.

The Livingston Masonic Library apologizes for any inconvenience. We will announce the new date once it is set.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Livingston Masonic Library Dinner Lecture: The Secret Identity of Masons

The Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library of Grand Lodge presents a dinner lecture featuring W. Kirk MacNulty, author of ‘Way of the Craftsman,’ ‘Freemasonry: Symbols, Secrets, Significance’ and ‘A Journey Through Ritual and Symbol.’

MacNulty’s writing focuses on the impact of Masonic history, philosophy and symbolism on the psychological and spiritual development of the individual. MacNulty’s presentation speaks to Mason and non-Mason alike, bringing personal meaning to the universal principles of Freemasonry, and opening the participant’s vision to a deep and profound interpretation of the centuries-old traditions.
The speaker will have limited copies of his books available for cash purchase.

The lecture: The Secret Identity of Masons

When: Friday, April 15, 2011 @ 6:00 PM

Where: Masonic Hall
71 West 23rd Street
2nd Floor Banquet Room

The event is open to the general public
Dinner and Lecture: $60.00

Reservation and prepayment required to:

Livingston Masonic Library
71 West 23rd Street, 14th fl
New York, NY 10010

Email questions to

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Processus Contra Templarios Visits Skaneateles

In April 2008, the Chancellor Robert R Livingston Masonic Library of Grand Lodge announced the acquisition of Processus Contra Templarios, an unprecedented publication containing a collection of facsimile manuscripts relating to the trials of the Knights Templar. Each year since then, the Library has transported the Processus to sites throughout New York State, so that Freemasons and others interested in Masonic history and legend may examine this unique collection. The Library is pleased to bring the Processus to Skaneateles Lodge 522 F&AM, 13 E. Genesee St., Skaneateles on February 3rd 2011.

The event will include a display of the bound volume containing the transcription of the testimony taken from the captive Knights Templar in the year 1308. The display includes facsimile reproductions of the original documents, which reproduce the handwriting of medieval Inquisitors, along with signs of eight hundred years of age, including artificial tears and mold stains. A half-hour presentation from Thomas M. Savini, Director of the Livingston Masonic Library, provides an overview of the Knights Templar, describes their place in history, and discusses their interest to scholars of contemporary Freemasonry. The program includes an opportunity for questions and comments from the audience.

Presented to the world in October 2007, the 700th anniversary of the arrest of the Templars, Processus Contra Templarios is a joint project of the Vatican Secret Archives and Italy’s Scrinium cultural foundation. This unique work includes faithful replicas of the original parchments closely guarded at the Secret Archive, along with exclusive critical commentary on the minutes of the inquiry. The most exciting manuscript in the document collection is the “Chinon Parchment,” which contains Pope Clement V’s absolution of the Templars on charges of heresy, which had been the backbone of King Philip of France’s attempts to eliminate them.

Original documents of the trials of the Templars have never before been offered to scholars. The epic work of Scrinium is presented in a soft leather case that contains a large-format book with scholarly commentary in Italian and English, reproductions of original parchments in Latin, and replicas of the wax seals used by 14th-century inquisitors. One parchment measuring about a foot and a half wide by more than six feet long is so detailed that it includes reproductions of stains and imperfections seen on the originals. The precise reproduction of the parchments will allow scholars to study them, touch them, and admire them as if they were dealing with the real thing.

The Knights Templar have been a subject of both scholarly research and popular fiction for centuries, but never as popular as in recent decades. Legends of their hidden treasures, secret rituals and political power have figured over the years in medieval romances, Victorian novels, modern bestsellers such as The Da Vinci Code, and action films like National Treasure. The Knights have also been portrayed as guardians of the legendary Holy Grail. One theory says that Templars who went underground to escape the persecutions of the inquisitors in the early 14th century evolved as an organization and emerged in Scotland almost two centuries later as early modern Freemasonry. The Livingston Library makes no claim that Freemasonry is descended from the Templars.

The evening will begin at 6:30 PM with a Cocktail Reception followed by the presentation at 7:30 PM. Admission to the event will be $10 per person at the door. All money raised will go the Skaneateles Historical Society.