Thursday, February 15, 2007

Snow Day

Everyone at my house had a snow day yesterday. That's a bit unusual since we get alot (I mean ALOT) of snow here in Central New York State. We usually adapt to it rather quickly but yesterday we had a Nor'easter meet up with our usual Lake Effect Snow. We received somewhere in the vacinity of 18-20 inches at my house & I had to take out the snowblower twice in order to clear out my driveway. I really shouldn't bitch - those living in Oswego County, just north of us have received in excess of 14 feet and much of that came in a five day period. Keep them in your thoughts & prayers while they try to dig out while it continues to snow.
The snow can really screw up your Lodge plans as well. My Lodge has had 4 attempts at getting the First Degree done since November. Twice the candidates had problems and twice the weather was the problem - we will try again next Monday.
A couple of weeks ago about 42 Brothers risked the drive to our District in order to film bits for the Grand Lodge of New York's new DVD version of their Lodge System of Masonic Education. This DVD is meant for educating new Brothers in the Craft. We have had a VHS version for a number of years but our Grand Master rightly decided that it was a good time for an update. We had a pretty good time despite the fact that filming can actually be very slow & tedious. We had a bit to eat & shared a number of humerous moments during the filming. Thankfully the weather cooperated and the snow stayed away for the evening. Many thanks to the Brothers who came from the Oneida, Herkimer and Livingston Districts. look for all of us when the DVD is finished & released!

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Tom Accuosti said...

I was at another lodge last night because so many of the officers were stuck - or my guess, too exhausted from shoveling.

Initially, I had been asked to do the Letter G lecture for their FC degree, but an hour beforehand, I also learned that I needed to fill in for a Steward... oh, and by the way, could I also do the answers from the 1st section lecture?

Hey, stuff happens. I often think that it's more important to learn how to cope, than how to plan.

Tom Accuosti
The Tao of Masonry